Business Concept

We try to become a customer-friendly company and accomplish happiness of both our company and employees.
Our management concept is that we have higher ideals tomorrow than today, and higher the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
And all members aim at our higher purpose and try to keep growing.
We advocate “More High” as our motto and make efforts toward our growth.

Business Policies

Supplying More High quality “product” and More High “satisfaction” to our customer
Keeping offering superior quality and service for an appropriate price
Keeping our profit for our stable management
Aiming at a company with hope and a pride
Making a workplace we can discuss at comfortable and friendly atmosphere
Building the relationship we can make progress together with our customers.
Keeping considering the global environment and corporate compliance.
Corporate Codes of Conduct

Corporate Codes of Conduct

Enjoying our work with curiosity and having a conversation cheerfully and open-mindedly.
Behaving prudently as working people
Being generous to our colleagues and treasuring our teamwork
Keeping trying to acquire new technique
Economizing and working efficientl
Keeping things tidy, putting in order and cleaning our workplace completely
Keeping promises and meeting the due date

Corporate message

Inspired by a lot of venture companies in the US Silicon Valley of 1980s that was center of info-communication industry, we started our business.
They were advocating a worldwide vision, arguing actively under powerful leadership, sharing their knowledge and solving their problems in union.
I was so impressed by their vitality and prompt actions. Then I felt like I witnessed a good business model through their rapid growth at a flat organization because I had never experienced it on various big projects I had been engaged at a major maker in Japan at that time.
As a result, I integrated it into our business concept and that formed as a basic model of our organization management.
We started with customized development of applications software with Engineering Workstation (EWS), not with a general-purpose computer.
After that, we have launched development of microcomputer software, circuit board for the devices,
and planning / development of in-house products for image recognition.

And we and our subsidiary companies’services as of now are as follows:

  • Development of Embedded Software
  • Development of Industrial Software
  • Planning, Development and sales of In-house’s product
  • Supporting Knowledge Creation
  • Development of Hardware(Device / Circuit / Board / ASIC /FPGA)

Our company’s styles are as follows:

  • Keep challenging
  • Respond flexibly to the needs
  • Respect our personalities

Based on “Be frank, and be creative and innovative!”
We observe regulatory compliance, make every effort to provide benefit to our clients and improve our services and products for better quality.
We would appreciate it if all involved could give us the further support and encouragement.

Company Name 日本マイクロシステムズ
Company Name Japan Microsystems Inc.
Capital fund 20 million yen (paid-in)
Locations ■Head Office
・System Development Center(SDC)
・Image Vision(IV)
・Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
・Future Software (FS)
Yodoyabashi Square Bldg. F11, 2-6-18, Kitahama, Chuo, Osaka, 541-0041, Japan

■Nagoya Office ( Knowledge Creation Service (KCS) )
Nishiki Axis Bldg. F7, 3-2-32, Naka, Nagoya, 460-0003, Japan
Establishment 8/1990
President & CEO
Sadahiko Yamazaki
Executive Director
Masaki Hashizume
Executive Director
Hiroshi Omura
Nobuaki Tanaka
Hisashige Kurokawa
Syoichi Sanpeia
Executive Officer (ICT)
Yasuhiro Udagawa
Executive Officer (KCS)
Kohei Niwa
Shigeru Aoyama
Yuji Nishimura
Main Bank
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Lp.
Osaka Head Office
Shoko Chukin Bank
Senba Branch
Japan Finance Corporation (JFC)
Umeda Branch
Amagasaki Shinkin Bank
Osaka Branch
Tajima Bank
Osaka Branch
Member Organization Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI)
Institute of Electrical Engineer of Japan (IEEJ)
Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)
Kansai Electronics Information Industry Society (KEIS)
NPO Study Group on M2M/IoT
Affiliate J・NET Inc.
J – AXIS Inc.
J – Imaging Inc.
Main Customer Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and group companies,
Fujitsu, Ltd and group companies,
Panasonic Corporation and group companies,
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd,
Toyota Motor Corporation,
DENSO Corporation,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.,
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and so on.
*) Random order and they are all our direct customers.